Here you can find addional infos about the Reward, which can you unlock by spending Uplay points. Call of Juarez: The Cartel supports the platforms PC, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 for Uplay Rewards.


Call of Juarez The Cartel Theme (10Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Download an exclusive CoJ: The Cartel wallpaper for your selected platform.

It´s an exclusive Wallpaper shows the third heros Ben McCall, Eddie Guerra and Kim Evans in the desert.


Enhanced pistol clip (20Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
An enhanced clip for pistols in Coop Campaign.

Expand all your pistols with this Reward. It gives you approx 50% more shots before reload. This works also in the Singleplayer Mode.


C75 pistol (30Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
An exclusive new pistol for the Coop Campaign.

A very good overall pistol, better then the most´s. Use this dual-wielded for the ultimate fun. This weapon is also in available in Singleplayer Mode and combinable with the enhanced pistol clip Reward.


Exklusive multiplayer skins (40Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Two exclusive multiplayer skins (one for Cops, the other for Gangsters).

This Reward gives two additional outfits for your multiplayer character. Choose between a Ganster skin with a hetch sweater or a Cop wearing a blue suit with an red coloured tie.