Project Legacy is a Facebook game in the "Assassins Creed" Universe. It takes place after, before and during the events of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

The game is mostly text-based, but includes graphics and sound as well as some video.

Players are test subjects for Abstergo Industries who relive the lives of other test subject's ancestors through the DDS (Data Dump Scanner) as opposed to the Animus. These ancestors are Assassins.

The goal is to level up your persona by beating several missions. This includes fight, collect, craft and other types of missions. From time to time new missions are avaiable or must be unlocked by finish other missions first. Right now the game features three campaigns with approx 80 missions to beat.

NOTE: For these actions it is required to connect your Uplay profile with Facebook!


For the following Actions you need a registered Facebook account which is connected to your Uplay profile. Do the following actions to gain Uplay points.


Initiation (5Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Access and execute an event in Chapter 2 of the Italian Wars set, the memory of Francesco Vecellio.

You could gain this award early in the game, by beating any mission in chapter two. It takes approx 1-2 hours of playing to reach chapter two in Project Legacy.


Evangelist (10Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Add 5 new friends to your network.

Just invite five friends via Facebook to Project Legacy.

You could do this by using the Invite-menu (Home -> Friends) at the bottom of Project Legacy. Now your friends must accept this invite.


Mole (15Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Access and execute a Contract triggered from the console game Assassin's Creed®: Brotherhood.

This award is only available if you own Assassin's Creed®: Brotherhood and works with the PC version of the game aswell.


Faithful (20Bg-uplay-units-mediumpoints)
Play Assassin's Creed®: Project Legacy once a day for 10 consecutive days.

Play the game daily for 10 days in a row, theoretical it´s enough to log into Project Legacy once a day and do one action ten days long. There is a known issue with this reward, sometimes Uplay didn´t recognize your login and didn´t count your days of play. To fix this bug contact the Ubisoft Support directly and send two screens with your ticket. One with your Uplay profile (logged in) and one other with your Project Legacy Facebook profile.